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Sermon Research

Every week you speak between three and four thousands words to your congregation. You want them to be the right ones–faithful to the text, relevant to their lives, and able to open up the Scriptures to them in new ways.

That being said, you’re doing this work while at the same time doing a number of other tasks. And, of course, every pastor knows that some weeks just become exceptionally hectic for one reason or another. When that happens, something has to give–and sometimes it is sermon prep.

Docent Research Teams help preachers by providing an outside perspective and equipping them with research aids and illustrations to help them explain the Scriptures to their people. By building long-term partnerships between preachers and teams, Docent equips pastors with the resources they need to prepare faithful, effective sermons without neglecting their other responsibilities. Docent Team Leaders listen to each week’s sermon, review relevant research materials, and guide researchers as they provide helpful illustrations and anecdotes to help drive home key points. They also help identify the right commentary to review and the most effective connective tissue so that pastors can spend more time focusing on their message and less trying to find the right book or think of the right illustration. And because every Docent Researcher has either completed graduate training in a relevant discipline or is currently enrolled in a relevant graduate program, pastors can be confident that their assistant has a strong command of the text, biblical languages, and theological themes of the section being covered in that week’s message.