Providing excellent customized research for pastors.

What We Do:

Seminary-trained teams providing customized research, meeting specific needs of church pastors and staff.

  • Research Briefs

    • Stories, statistics, quotes
    • Connections to culture
    • Theological insights
    • Exegetical analysis of Scripture
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  • Book Summaries

    • Books or articles
    • Content you need to know but don’t have time to read
    • Any genre
    • Any level of detail
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  • Book Projects

    • Research
    • Editing
    • Collaboration
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Why Use Docent Research?

The pressure from high expectations, combined with the relentless frequency of weekly services, creates for many pastors "the tyranny of the coming Sunday." Add the countless, diverse demands on a pastor, and too many weeks there simply isn't time to get it all done. Let Docent help.

We provide a dedicated team of seminary-trained researchers that have their PhDs or are MDiv or PhD students.

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Docent's research does not replace the pastor's study time or write sermons. Rather, we provide a team of research allies whose work can creatively and diligently complement the pastor's own work.

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You determine how you need Docent to work for you.  We don’t tell you what or how to think.  Rather, we execute your specific instructions. We enhance what you wish to convey.

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We want you to be fully satisfied with our work and welcome your comments.  We believe that constructive criticism and feedback strengthens our partnership with you.

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Docent is a non-profit organization dedicating its profits to fund holistic inner city ministry and higher education initiatives. Docent currently focuses on the Yellowstone Academy in Houston, TX as the primary recipient of our inner city funding.

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