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What do pastors say about Docent?

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Preaching is the life-blood of the church. God’s people need to hear his word applied practically and strategically to their particular situations and to their culture at large. Rightly interpreting the text, putting it in the macro-perspective of the culture and the micro-perspective of daily life is challenging and time intensive. My Docent researcher works with me on various aspects of sermon preparation, depending on my need or interest in any given week. Docent may assist with exegesis one week. In another week the researcher may be sent to find illustrations, scouring periodicals for timely materials. Another week I may ask for a precis on current developments in a field of science or the arts. It is great to have an informed and like-minded research assistant working with you and that is exactly what Docent gives you.

John Crimmins, Senior Pastor

Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

Providing a valuable illustration--talking through an idea--getting a word study that saves me time--gaining insight into a cultural issue and how to address it—assembling exegesis from additional sources--another set of ears and eyes to interact on a topic—these are just some of the kinds of help I receive from Docent. I find Docent to be a valuable resource as I seek to faithfully preach God's Word each week. 

Steve Hartman, Senior Minister

Third Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA

After thirty-five years of being a pastor, I’ve realized that the most important thing that I do is preach.  There are lots of other important things to do every week; important things piled on top of important things, but preaching tops the list.  It is an extraordinary privilege and responsibility to offer the Word of God to my congregation, always praying that this week’s sermon will become a means for them to both hear and respond to God’s Word.  I have found Docent to be a valued resource in my sermon preparation.  They have been especially helpful in finding illustrations for my sermons.  I commend them to you. 

Gary Dennis, Senior Minister

La Cañada Presbyterian Church, La Cañada, CA

Glenn Lucke has developed a personal sermon research service that is extraordinary. I have just experienced a major time saver that has proven to be highly valuable. Just imagine having at your fingertips a personal, trusted research assistant to gather exegesis and illustration data in one folder to assist your preparation. I was reluctant at first, fearing interference with my personal creative and spiritual process.  Such fears have proven false. 

In short, you get matched by conversation with a researcher. I literally have told him what I want, explained my style, etc. I am frankly amazed at the sensitivity to my requests and the excellence of the research. Probably has saved me 10 hours a week!!!  I highly recommend and suggest it is worth your time to look, explore, consider.

I receive hours of weekly research and high quality material at a reasonable price. 

I have enjoyed the experience and obviously appreciate the researcher who is helping me. They are true teammates wanting me to succeed. It won't hurt a bit to make contact.


Dan Yeary, Senior Pastor

North Phoenix Baptist Church, Arizona

In today’s age of Pastor as CEO, it is easy to be pushed in too many directions.  The addition of Docent to my preaching preparation has been a tremendous blessing in helping me to stay focused and creative week in and week out.  In addition to saving valuable time, it has opened doors to resources that I was not aware of, fostering greater understanding and creative, spiritual insights.  Docent does a tremendous job of matching pastor and church with a research team, and my team has been completely attentive to the information I want and how I want it delivered.  They are thorough, flexible, and very easy to work with.  They have become one of my most valuable assets in fulfilling God’s call to proclaim His Word.

David Swanson, Senior Minister

First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL

In the beginning I thought Docent would be a luxury, something akin to unexpectedly getting bumped to first class on a really long flight. Instead what I’ve found is Docent is an integral part of my preparation each week. I don’t know what I would do without it!

I spend as many hours as before preparing for the crucial task of preaching God’s Word, but now I have additional fresh and well-studied insights that Docent’s researcher brings to the table each week. This frees up my time to focus on broader areas of study that I was never able to get to before.

My suggestion: simply try it.

Jeff Smith, Senior Minister

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

Trust me. These Docent guys are great. Professors have graduate students assist in their research, so why don’t preachers?  It’s not about short cuts. It’s about depth and quality in preaching. They pick my brain, run down hard to find resources and stimulate my thinking in fresh and creative ways. Their quality scholarship makes me less dependent on the quick fix of reading “popular sermons.” It’s one of the smartest things I’ve done.

Vic Pentz, Senior Minister

Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA

The moment I sat down with Glenn I caught a vision of how he could make my ministry better and free up some much needed time.  Because of his experience in fast growing church environments he understands the crazy schedule of a Senior Pastor and most importantly is a good listener.  He customized what Docent provides so that I could focus on the things senior leaders need to be focused on to keep the mission on track. Glenn has helped me communicate God’s truth with a depth and breadth that I didn’t always have time to provide on my own. Take 30 minutes and talk to Glenn. Maybe he could take a small portion of your weekly burden and help you as much as he has helped me.  

Patrick Kelley, Senior Pastor

River Pointe Church, Houston, TX

Do you need more time to be ready for Sunday?  Do you need new ideas, fresh material, a way to connect with the variety of groups of people within your congregation?  Then maybe I can recommend to you a practical solution that has maximized my time, increased my knowledge base for message development, and provided me fresh material that I just haven’t had the time to obtain.  Docent Research Group is the practical solution for every pastor’s most important task.  

Dr. Roger Patterson, Teaching Pastor

West University Baptist & Crosspoint Church, Houston, TX