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Work Ethic Statement: Tailored, Quality, Timely 

Our Process

  • Create a partnership

    You determine how you need Docent to work for you.  We don’t tell you what or how to think.  Rather, we execute your specific instructions. We enhance what you wish to convey. Whether it is through weekly sermon briefs, book summaries or helping you to author your book, Docent is ready to serve.

  • Assign Team

    Once we have learned from you how to best serve you, we recruit a specific, dedicated research team that is matched to your theological commitments and your style.  You will have a dedicated Team Captain who will keep in contact with you and lead the research team to deliver exactly what you request.

  • Research Deliverables

    Each week you will receive excellent research, ready for use in your own message or book: theological analysis, exegetical analysis, illustrations, metaphors and statistics, article/book summaries, topical research or a list of useful resources about a topic.