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Leadership Development

Whether future leaders are recent converts or churched people caught up in the vision of using their gifts to serve, potential leaders require thoughtful, intentional development.

Churches cannot assume that attenders know basic Bible, basic theology, or basic spiritual practices.

Wise, intentional training can help faithful Christians grow:

  • in loving the Lord
  • in loving their neighbor
  • in communicating their faith to others
  • in serving people inside and outside the church
  • in learning to be generous in all of life
  • in building relationships with those inside and outside the church
  • in skillfully, gracefully walking with Jesus alongside Christians in crisis
  • in learning the Bible and basic theology
  • in learning a deep, rich understanding of vocation
  • in learning how to celebrate aspects of culture, redeem other aspects, and refrain from others
  • in learning how to teach the Bible
  • in learning how to be a servant leader in the church

The Leadership Development Consultation can take place on-site, via video conferencing, or by phone, or a blend of these interactions. The engagement can range anywhere from a brief review of a church’s existing model with suggestions for improvement all the way to a deep, multi-month building of a new model from the ground up.

Based on interviews and surveys of multiple large churches and years of experience in leadership development in churches, Docent’s Leadership Development team assists churches in developing a model that is organic to their own people, place, and values.

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