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One of the biggest challenges in many growing churches is curriculum development for the church’s various educational offerings and discipleship needs. Costs for group resources can be quite expensive. And finding the right fit for your congregation’s unique needs can be difficult or even impossible.

Maybe you like the design and layout of one resource but have some concerns about a few theological elements that differ from your current context. Or maybe another resource for your groups is great for one need your church has but falls short in other areas.

The result ends with you having to mix-and-match resources in such a way that leaves your kids’ ministry or church-wide small groups feeling disconnected and uncertain of the church’s overall direction.

Docent Study, the discipleship curriculum arm of Docent Research Group, partners with churches to develop group material that fit their unique congregation. And because Docent curriculum does not have a licensing fee, it is often more affordable for most churches. If you are looking for new educational/discipleship content for your church’s Sunday School, Life Classes, or Small Groups, Docent Study has you covered.


Author James K. A. Smith has written about the importance of the physical structures and routines that shape our day-to-day lives. These invisible “liturgies” will shape our deepest desires and longings which in turn shape everything else about us.

It would be easier, of course, if we were, as some have described it, disembodied idea machines or heads on sticks. We just take in ideas and, magically, out pops the best outcomes. That isn’t how human beings work, though. Design matters. Art matters. Appearance matters. It captures attention–and sometimes much more than that!–in powerful ways that are hard to replicate.

It isn’t enough, then, to simply communicate the right ideas. You need to communicate ideas in a way that is accessible and attractive. And usually this will require design.

Docent Research Group’s team includes designers who partner with churches and pastors to design curriculum and other church materials that don’t simply convey the right ideas through what is written on them but that are designed in a way that engages congregants and shows that the church does not simply care about ideas, it also cares about the presentation of those ideas.

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