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Docent partners with Executive Teams to advance the church’s mission. We work with executive leaders to create specific projects that serve the team as a whole. We also execute projects for individual leaders.

We answer Executive Team questions about best practices by looking at what other organizations are doing. We also compile feedback from similar churches about vendors, products, and services you are considering.

We custom build curriculum from scratch for your people. Why shouldn’t all of your curriculum enculturate your church’s specific DNA?

We assess where your people are on their journey with congregational surveys. The data and analysis from your people assist the Executive Team in allocating resources to help people get unstuck in their journey and live into the church’s DNA.

We craft biblically faithful, winsomely worded position papers to guide your leaders through difficult, tense cultural mindfields.

We deliver consultations that help the Executive Team understand the cluster of powerful social forces that are shaping culture and creating patterns of resistance to and opportunity for the Gospel.

We create sermon research from scratch to assist your preacher and/or teaching team. While you protect your time in the Word and write your own messages, we can extend your reach more broadly or deeply depending on your challenges each week.

Consulting Topics

  • Docent Consultations help your team make sense of the powerful social forces that shape our society, including Christians. Learn more …
  • Best Practices bring insights from organizations you want to learn from to solve problems you’re facing or soon to face. Learn More …
  • Leadership Development Whether future leaders are recent converts or churched people caught up in the vision of using their gifts to serve, potential leaders require thoughtful, intentional development. Learn more …

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