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Congregational Surveys

Every week you craft messages, make decisions about church ministries, and shape the long-term plan for your congregation. These are all huge decisions that affect the lives of your congregation. The stakes are high and the cost of getting a decision wrong could be significant

Unfortunately, due to a lack of data about the congregants, these decisions are often made on the basis of intuition or an educated guess. But if the guesses are wrong, then the decisions you make based on those guesses will probably be wrong as well.

You need to know what your congregation is thinking, what they care about, what difficulties they’re facing, what gets them excited. And the good news is there’s a way to find out all these things: You ask them. And then you track their answers and review them once you have a large enough data set.

That’s why Docent Research Group partners with churches to develop and conduct congregational surveys. Each of our surveys is custom designed in order to tap into a church’s unique DNA and address each church’s specific questions and concerns. Our sociologists will personally work with you to come up with the best survey questions to measure exactly what you want to know.

After your survey is written, Docent will build it in digital format and help you collect responses from congregants. We then analyze the data and provide you with a full report with charts and explanations of the findings. With empirical findings in hand, you can make informed decisions about various ministry priorities and figure out the best ways to serve and equip your church.

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