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Best Practices

Best practices bring insights from organizations you want to study to solve problems you are facing or will soon face.

Executive Teams often want to learn from churches their size that share a similar culture or ministry philosophy. In other cases, they want to learn from churches one or two sizes bigger.

Whomever you want to study, it takes valuable time and bandwidth to retrieve the information. Docent retrieves the best practices information for the Executive Team so leaders can spend their time on leadership and relationships, not chasing down information.

Docent researchers work with your Executive Team to design a research project that gets the best practices information to assist you in solving the problems you’re already facing

Partial List of Best Practices Projects Executed for Docent Clients

Volunteer System
How do other churches with 5000 attendees or more recruit, train, and deploy volunteers? What vision do you communicate to volunteers? How do these churches organize or structure their volunteer roles and staff who lead volunteers? Do they hold volunteers accountable? And how do you do that when they are not paid? What software applications does the church use?

Transforming Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening Services
A survey of hundreds of churches about Sunday and Wednesday evening services, whether respondent churches have terminated, replaced, or transformed these services.

Leadership Pipeline
Interviews with large churches about how they cast vision for leadership development, how they structure the development, and different kinds of content, requirements and accountability.

Preaching Schedule
Survey of 19 large church pastors in terms of how many weeks they preach, what patterns they determine for preaching and rest, and how they structure sermon calendars.

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